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Abyss - Laura Kreitzer I've mentioned quite a few times that Laura Kreitzer is probably one of my favorite authors, and she only ensured that with this next installment in her Timeless series. The way she weaves a tale is amazing!

Life for Gabriella only seems to get crazier after the Soul Stalker's death. An evil presence is inside her and she needs Andrews help to fight it off. Symbols are tattooed into her skin. And angels are being picked off, one by one.

If they're going to have any hope of stopping the Empyrean Guard, Gabriella and the angels are going to need help. Phantoms offer their allegiance, but Gabriella travels to the Abyss to seek out the Fallen. Will they be able to defeat those threatening the Illuminator and the angels before it's too late?

I fell in love with Gabriella's story in Shadow of the Sun and I still want more after finishing this third book. Not only does Gabriella have a snarky personality, but she's also strong and smart. There are so many different things being tossed at her throughout these books and Gabriella handles them so amazingly, I know I probably would have fallen to pieces. Although, having an Andrew by her side probably doesn't hurt *grins*.

Laura's ability to weave a story is beyond amazing, I honestly don't know how she does it. All of the intricacies and history is wonderfully done and thoroughly presented. She's taken a well known story (angels) and created her own mythology and world within a modern setting. Even showing the relationships between the characters was beautifully done.

All I can say, without giving anything away, is that I can't wait for the final two books in this series! Fallen Legion and Halo of the Sun are sure to be just as intense and rich as the first three books. How this will all work out I don't know, but I am definitely excited to find out.