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Forbidden - Syrie James, Ryan M. James This YA debut by mother-son duo Syrie and Ryan James was a fun, sweet read that I could not put down. I fell in love with this right away and couldn't wait to find out what happened next.

Claire Brennan is used to picking up and moving with her mom at the drop of a hat, they've done it all her life. But at seventeen she finally feels comfortable at Emerson Academy, has friends, and doesn't want to leave. So when she begins to have visions and warnings, she doesn't tell her mom about them.

Alec MacKenzie is tired of his life of following strict orders and dealing with death. He just wants to be normal and escape his angelic past. But he instead encounters more than he bargained for when he enrolls himself at Emerson Academy. A forbidden love and fear of being discovered are just the start before things get even more dangerous.

From the moment I started this I was hooked. Claire was such a fun character, typical teen girl with problems that I can relate and remember experiencing at that age. Her relationship with Alex reminded me of Kimberly Derting's characters from The Body Finder in how cute they were with butterflies in the stomach and wondering how the other feels. I found myself awwing more than once. Oh, and I can I just say that Alec is Scottish. With the accent and everything...

I loved the angel lore that Syrie and James presented, giving readers a unique and new take on it. They weren't you're typical guardian's or fallen angels, but they were definitely something to fear if you had angel blood. The background and history they gave really pulled me in, but didn't take away from the story either. In fact, I wanted to know more.

This was just such an adorable read for me and I enjoyed discovering everything along with the characters. I hated for it to end, but loved being able to take the journey. And with the way that the story was left off, it gives me hope that there could possibly be more from these characters and this fabulous duo in the future. *crosses fingers*