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Supernaturally - Kiersten White I became a fan of Kiersten's after reading Paranormalcy. And now that I've finished this sequel in the trilogy I can say that she's only cemented my fan status. Plus, isn't this cover gorgeous!

Once Evie has a "normal" life, she finds out that it isn't everything she'd thought it would be. Except for her locker. And soon Evie finds herself working for International Paranormal Containment Agency again, behind Lend's back.

With each mission Evie's given, things get more and more out of control. Revelations that she wasn't prepared for completely rock her world, and Evie has to figure out where she fits into all of it. Can she do it before things get really crazy?

One of the things that I absolutely loved about Evie from the first book was that she was a strong character that also had no problem being girly. She helped bring in big bad paranormals, but also loved the color pink and cute clothes. She was a true teen girl and Kiersten continued to hold true to that in Supernaturally. I loved her sense of humor and longing to just be "normal".

While there were some old characters that returned, we also got introduced to some new ones like Jack. He was a human that could move through the Faerie Paths without there help. We got some answers, but also had more questions and situations to figure out. That I believe is the perfect balance in a story, leaving the readers wanting more.

And of course there was also Lend. He was probably one of my favorite characters from Paranormalcy, and even though we didn't get nearly enough of him this go around, I still loved that he had his appearances. He's that one piece for Evie that signifies paranormal yet normal and he gives her a balance that she doesn't get from anything else. Plus, I love the fact that he knows he can be himself around her and not wear one of his disguises all the time.

I'm incredibly sad that this series has to come to an end, but I can't wait for Endlessly now! Evie and the whole gang are so much fun and I'm excited to find out what Kiersten has in store for them. Plus, we have a new trilogy to expect and another book from her that I'm sure will be just as fabulous. Who's as excited as I am?