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The Gathering Storm - Robin Bridges Robin Bridges debut was one that I definitely wasn't expecting. The summary had caught my eye and I'd wanted to check it out, but I just wasn't sure how I'd feel about it. Well, I can say that she caught my attention and I want to know more!

Katerina Alexandrovna is a royal debutante in 1888 Russia and with the winter season beginning, she finds herself attending a whirlwind of balls and glamorous invitations while attending her finishing school.

Though the royals believe in magic, none of them could guess the secret Katerina has kept to herself since childhood. She is a necromancer. When her ability is discovered, Katerina is forced to use the power she never wanted in a battle started many years before. The life she always desired seems further and further out of reach, especially when the love she discovers is one she can't have.

I was greatly surprised by this book, and found myself unable to walk away from it. The exciting world Robin gave us with beautiful balls, wintery backdrops, and deep magic within Romanov Russia was one I'd always wanted to read. It was unique and intriguing within a society that we've heard about over the years.

Katerina was a fun character to read about. Even though she enjoyed the balls she went to, getting dressed up, and socializing with her peers, she wanted more out of her life. I loved that she dreamed of going to college, but didn't fight or seem awkward about participating in the events that were expected of her.

This first book ended in a pretty decent place, but there was plenty left open for us to get from the remaining books. I will be continuing this one and am excited to find out what happens with the love interest as well. It wasn't the center of the story, but offered more trouble and intrigue for the future books.