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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi This was one debut from 2011 that I could not wait to get my hands on. The hype surrounding it was huge, and at first I worried that maybe I wouldn't feel the same way. But that couldn't have been further from the truth!

Juliette's touch is fatal, which is why the Reestablishment has locked her up. After spending 264 days without any human, she gets a new cellmate. A boy.

But this isn't just any boy. And from the moment he enters her world, everything changes for Juliette. The Reestablishment is trying to maintain order, and Juliette is their hope to do that. She has a choice: let them use her, or fight back.

I honestly could not put this book down. I probably could have finished it all in one sitting, but I wanted to take my time with it. Tahereh's prose was amazing and perfect for this story. It just seemed to highlight the struggle that Juliette was going through, unique just like her character.

The storyline was definitely not what I was expecting and that only made me love it more. I had no idea where it was headed and couldn't wait to discover what was happening along with Juliette. While there are still questions about what's happening, there wasn't a huge cliffhanger at the end which made me happy. There's only so many of those that I can take.

Juliette was also such a strong character. Yes, she struggled with who she was and what her fatal touch meant, but she never let it change her as a person. She had her morals and I loved that she never wanted those to change, no matter what she could do. She was brazen and beautiful and strong. Oh, oh, and Adam! Can I just say that I'm now swooning majorly over him. Definitely one of my favorite guys of YA.

I cannot wait for book 2, Unravel Me, and highly recommend this series. Tahereh completely won me over with her writing and amazing story. Now I'm just going to have to sit here and twiddle my thumbs as we wait for Shatter Me's sequel (which I have no doubt will be totally worth it).