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12.21.12 - Killian McRae First of all, look at this gorgeous cover! That's what first drew my interest to this story. It's so haunting and amazing. If nothing else, I could just stare at it for hours.

12.21.12 follows Sheppard Smyth, Victoria Kent, and Dimitri Kronastia on a pretty amazing journey that you'd never see coming. Shep is an archeologist and Eygptologist, jaded from losing his wife and more determined than ever to prove his theory that Cleopatra was murdered.

When he's brought in to check out some finds at a dig site in Mexico for a college friend, his world is turned completely upside down. Victoria, his friends intern, takes off with the artifacts, and Dimitri, a notorious mobster, shows up at the site to find out what happened. And Shep finds out that nothing is what appears to be.

Killian does a wonderful job of weaving a complicated tale, revealing new pieces little by little, leaving you wondering just what's happening. Each chapter adds another piece to the puzzle and the characters are even more intriguing. There is so much more to Dimitri and Victoria than you'd ever expect. What secrets could they be hiding?

So much research and thought went into this, and it's definitely not your typical 2012 story. I loved the delicate balance and interwoven theories that Killian used, hooking her readers until the very end. There's so much more that I want to say, but I'm afraid of giving too much away.