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Don't Breathe a Word - Holly Cupala Don't Breathe a Word is Holly's second novel and isn't for the faint hearted. This isn't a typical book that I read or have reviewed on here, but I figured I'd give it a try.

Joy's life is slowly draining her. Not only does she suffer from acute asthma, but her family and boyfriend all hover around her to where she feels suffocated. And since she's afraid of ruining everything for her family, Joy does the only thing she can do. She runs away.

She goes to find the boy she thought could save her, a boy that lives on the Streets of Seattle. But Joy soon learns that life on the Streets isn't easy. The friends she makes and the things she does are all to survive. They all have their secrets, but how much longer can Joy keep hers before they come looking for her.

Holly takes us on a hard look of what life is like for runaways, the everyday struggles they go through just to survive amongst the other homeless. It isn't a pretty world and isn't for the weak. We figure it out as Joy does, slowly adjusting to her new life.

This novel is about something, as well. It's also about learning to speak up. Joy has never really had to do anything for herself. Her parents and older brother were always so protective and restrictive that Joy always felt she had a leash around her neck. When her older boyfriend Asher comes into the picture, he puts a whole new restriction around her that leaves Joy terrified. For the first time she has to learn to speak up and fight for herself.

Like I said, this isn't a typical story I read and review on here, but I was definitely surprised by it. Holly didn't hold anything back and showed just how difficult life can be for a teenage girl, learning to speak and breathe.

I'm definitely interested in reading more from her in the future.