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Cat O' Nine Tails - Patricia Leever First of all, I just have to point out that this cover is absolutely phenomenal. It's beautiful and mysterious and made me want to read this debut novel even more. Add to the fact that it was historical fiction with pirates and I was sold.

Orrin Walsh and his brother Kale became pirate hunters after losing their family to an attack. And when they are hired by Queen Winifred to track down an infamous she pirate, Aeron Lynch, nothing will stop them from catching.

There's only one problem, Orrin never expected to fall in love with Aeron, or the band of followers she's accumulated. He'd do anything to protect her, especially when he learns about her horrid past with the Queen. Because Queen Winifred doesn't let go of what she believes is hers.

I loved that Aeron was not only a female pirate, but one that used her feminine wiles and strength to her advantage. She was beautiful and seductive, but strong and wiley. She had been through so much and I really enjoyed learning more of her story.

Even though this is a "pirate story" it isn't all about pirates and battles, it's first and foremost a romance with some difficult life struggles. The characters have to learn to trust one another and themselves in order to make it through the tough roads ahead. I don't want to give too much away, but just know that there are some rather uncomfortable situations that at least Aeron has to face.

And, with that in mind, this is not a book for kids or teens. Cat O' Nine Tails deals with difficult subject matter and adult situations, so should be handled with caution. But in spite of that, I really enjoyed Patricia's debut novel. She created strong likeable characters and really pulled me into their story. I wanted to learn more and had a difficult time putting it down.