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Elemental Reality - Cesya MaRae Cuono This was an absolutely fabulous debut novel by Cesya Cuono. One that brings readers on a journey of whit, magic, fantasy, and war that you haven't yet seen.

Callie Pierce has been struggling with the disappearance of her mother for the past twelve years. And every birthday is just another reminder. This year, though, things are different. She can sense the elements around her and two guys enter her life that invoke strong, but different feelings from her.

When Callie and sister learn the secret their parents have kept from them for years, it'll take them on a journey that's nearly unbelievable. They are faeries, and Callie and her sister are the most powerful faeries they've seen. But is their power enough to save their mom? Or to stop the threat against them all?

From the very start I loved Cesya's writing and her main character Callie. It was fun and snarky and exciting. Everything from the storyline to the descriptions was very well presented and I found it almost impossible to put down.

And after reading Cesya's guest post about the legends she used in the story, I found the background even more interesting. The world that was created was imaginative and beautiful. I haven't been too into faerie stories, but this one was unique and fresh with the elemental aspect as well.

After reading that ending, though, I'm even more anxious for the next book in this amazing trilogy, Battlescars. Cesya leaves her readers on such an amazing cliffhanger, you'll be ready to camp outside her place demanding to know what happens next.

Elemental Reality was a fun read and a new series that I'm so glad that I found.