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Passion - Lauren Kate I was so excited for this book to come out in the Fallen series. The world and story Lauren Kate created is wonderful and the third installment did not disappoint.

Luce goes on a journey through the Announcers to better understand her relationship with Daniel. They've been in love through the ages, and she's desperate to make things work in the present. But she needs help. So what better way to figure it out than to witness it herself.

While Luce is traveling further and further back, those she left behind are anxious to bring her home. Including Daniel. And with trouble brewing that none of them could fathom, it might already be too late. Will Luce and Daniel, with the help of the other Fallen and Nephilim on their side, be able to prevent the worst danger yet?

I've been in love with the series from the very beginning. Even though some may be annoyed by the slow pace, I've enjoyed the suspense. Lauren has done a phenomenal job of building things up to this point, and I can only hope we'll get all our answers soon.

This most recent book definitely answered a lot of questions (not all, but quite a few) and has set the stage for the finale. Learning more about Daniel was the highlight for me, though. Being able to witness his love and devotion to Luce throughout the centuries through not only her eyes, but Daniel's as well made me like him a lot more. Because up until this point we saw Daniel tell her of their past, but he kept so many things from her. He was more of a frustrating character than anything else.

Luce and Daniel's struggle has been great and I loved seeing the different times and ways they came together in history. The research along that Lauren must of have done for this must have taken so much time. Thank you for doing that and giving us the wonderful sneak peeks into Luce and Daniel's romance Lauren!

And now I will sit and wait as patiently as I can for Rapture, the final book in the Fallen series *twiddles thumbs and whistles* Okay, not so patiently.