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Red Glove - Holly Black This second installment in Holly Black's was even better than the first in my opinion. Not only is Cassel's voice unique, but we also get to see a different side of him after the events of White Cat.

Now that Cassel's mother is out of prison and he's learned the truth about what he truly is, things seemed to have returned somewhat to normal for him. His mother continues to run her cons, one brother thinks they are best friends, and the other is completely ignoring him.

It's just the way it should be, at least until Lila, the girl cursed to love him, shows up at his school and his older brother Phillip is found murdered. And with the FBI on his case to figure out who killed his brother and some other mob guys, Cassel to figure where his loyalties lie. And fast.

I loved Cassel Sharpe in White Cat and thought he was even better in Red Glove. And it was brilliant that even though he wanted so much to be accepted by his brother's, running cons like his family, he realized that he didn't want to live the same life they did. He was good at, but wanted more. That just made him even more endearing to me.

We also got the chance to learn some more about Cassel's friends, Sam and Daneca, and even his mother and brother. The world that Holly Black has created for these books is so amazing and well thought out. One of my favorite scenes is when Cassel is at a protest and he sees girls taking their gloves off. The fact that their hands are bare is just completely fascinating to him, he doesn't know what to think.

So much happened in this second book, I didn't want it to end. There's still plenty of time before Black Heart comes out, but I'm not sure if I can wait that long. The Curse Worker's world is unique and wonderfully set up, I'm so excited to find out what else she has in store for these characters.