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Bad Behavior - Jennifer Lane In this sequel to With Good Behavior, Jennifer Lane takes us on an emotional journey of discovery and strength with her two main characters that left me wanting more. She proved once again why I love her writing.

Picking up where WGB left off, Sophie and Grant continue their routines of going to work and parole meetings, only now they have to add couples counseling into the mix. This won't be an easy task for either of them, especially since they are still learning about each other.

Our favorite parolees both have to face things they never thought they'd have to again, including an old professor of Sophie's and Grant's incarcerated father, relying on each other to make it through. Even amidst the bad and difficult situations they have to face, good news is on the horizon, proving that they can make it together.

Jennifer Lane maintained a beautiful mixture of humor and angst as she delved deeper into Sophie and Grant's story. New nicknames, interesting twists, and difficult decisions are just a few of the things that Bonnie and McSailor have to face and that's not even the half of it.

I fell for the sweet and sensitive Grant in With Good Behavior, but in this continuation he is even more adorable and dream worthy. Who doesn't want a strong and sensitive former Navy Sailor?

There were a few sensitive scenes that took place, and this is not for younger readers, but it's a story that's intrigued me from the very beginning. And for one am already anxious for the conclusion to this series, On Best Behavior. Jen has done a fantastic job dealing with the complicated emotions one has to face when being released from prison and I looked forward to reading anything else from her in the future.