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Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead In this last book of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series she takes you on a wild ride of political standings, betrayal, lies, and murder that leaves you guessing until the very end. Nothing is ever easy when you're a guardian for a vampire princess.

Last Sacrifice picks up right where Spirit Bound left off, with Rose Hathaway locked up for the Queens murder and no way to prove her innocence. But with the help of her father, Lissa, Christian, Adrian, Eddie, and even Dimitri, she's broken out of jail and taken away. Her friends want to help prove that she was framed, but Rose has some plans of her own once she's safely away from court. She has to find the second remaining Dragomir heir, the sibling that could give Lissa her political vote.

But things never really seem to go according to plan, and each new chapter brings you deeper into challenges that await our beloved characters. Rose is a take charge kind of girl and a fun narrator for these books. Her snarkiness and kick butt attitude are perfect for her and help alleviate some of the tension of the serious situations that they get into.

With each new clue or secret uncovered, I couldn't help wondering what else could possibly happen next. Just when they thought they had it all figured out, something else came up to add even more questions. But, in the end, I feel like things came to a pretty great conclusion. If I hadn't have known that there was a spin off series, though, I will admit that I probably would have been upset about some of the holes left about certain characters.

I am sad to see this series come to an end, but can't wait to follow the journey of some of the other characters within the Vampire Academy world. Richelle knows how to tell a story and I have no doubt that Bloodlines will be just as entertaining and addicting as the VA series.