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With Good Behavior - Jennifer Lane When I first heard that this lovely lady was having her book published, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy of it. Then, when I learned that it would be a little romance, mixed with mystery and organized crime, I knew that I would absolutely love it... and I was right.

In her debut novel, Jennifer Lane takes on a journey with her main characters Sophie Taylor and Grant Madsen. They first meet outside of their parole officers office after being released from prison. Each has a story to tell on how they ended up in prison, while learning to trust and rely on each other.

Gripped by a world of organized crime and families that only seem to bring them down, these two convicts have to come to terms with what lead to the biggest mistakes of their lives and how to move past them.

From the very beginning the emotions Jennifer created were so raw and real and only intensified with the story's progression. I loved the sweetness of Sophie and Grant's relationship as they got to know each other and tried to let go of their time in prison. Each new piece of the puzzle that is revealed only adds to the intrigue of what could possibly happen to them next.

And while the majority of the story was intense, Jennifer also expertly threw in moments of comedic relief that seemed to work perfectly for her characters. One of the more minor characters, their parole officer Jerry, cracked me up with how tough and gruff he tried to appear when he really was an old softy.

In this first installment of the CONduct series, Grant and Sophie managed to make it through some difficult stuff, but it's only the beginning. There's no telling what will be in store for them in Bad Behavior, the sequel in this series. I highly recommend this book not only because it has a little bit of everything for your enjoyment, but also because it's a rare glimpse at the raw emotions we as people go through and Jennifer handles them beautifully.