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Fallen - Lauren Kate The cover is what first pulled me in to want to read this book. The tale alone that picture tells is absolutely phenomenal. And then the prologue was enough to seal the deal for me, I knew that I wanted to figure out just what this whole book was about.

Lucinda Price, or Luce, starts out being enrolled at Sword & Cross, a boarding school for troubled teens, as a last resort. Yet, it becomes very apparent that Luce isn't like the others. If anything, it seemed like she had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

She doesn't really remember what happened. Only that there was a fire that killed the first boy she had liked and Shadows, the same Shadows that have haunted her for her entire life. What really happened? That's the question everyone has been asking her, but she doesn't know.

When Luce finally meets Daniel, everything else changes. She wants to understand why the shadows are chasing her, but more than that she wants to figure out why he seems to hate her so much. They've only just met right?

Lauren Kate builds a fantastic tale with Fallen, bringing in a wonderful cast of characters that help set the stage for Luce and Daniel's story. She never could have imagined falling in love so deeply, and with a fallen angel no less. Luce also learns there's more to her than she realized. Something that's a danger to her.