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Cinder - Marissa Meyer This is probably one of my favorite debuts this year. I was beyond excited to read this and even more thrilled that I got to meet Marissa Meyer at Teen Con in March. I couldn't put this down!

Cinder is a cyborg and gifted mechanic living in New Beijing. Considered a second-class citizen not only by her stepmother, but also the rest of society, Cinder just wants to live her life in peace.

But when he sister catches the deadly plague and she meets Prince Kai, things end up completely out of control. With the ruthless lunar Queen coming to Earth and Cinder's mysterious past being revealed, she has to decide what path she wants to follow.

I absolutely fell in love with Cinder's story. My sister got to read this before I did, but when she told me how much enjoyed it, I knew that I would too. Marissa made Cinder's character relatable and one that readers will cheer for. Which I definitely did. She was fun and a cyborg! That was pretty cool in and of itself. I mean, what she could do and how easily she lived with it.

At the book convention, Marissa described this book as a space opera. I wasn't entirely sure what that meant or what to expect when I finally got the chance to read this, but now I most definitely do. So much takes place in this story, I can see why she called it that. Each new revelation had my jaw dropping and me scrambling to get to the next to found out what else was in store.

I loved the world Marissa created not only with New Beijing and Cinder, but also with the Lunar people. And as the rest of the series unfolds I'm looking forward to learning more about the rest of it. Since Cinder is just the first book in a four book series, I can hardly stand it waiting for the sequel. Her story most definitely isn't over and I'm excited find out what's next.

So I will sit here quietly twiddling my thumbs as I wait for a copy of Scarlet, book two of the Lunar Chronicles. Who's with me?