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The Vicious Deep - Zoraida Córdova I was beyond thrilled to get a chance to read this debut about mermaids! Not only did the description sound interesting, but there was also an amazing cover (don't you think)! And I'm so glad I did.

For Tristan Hart, life was easy. He knew what he wanted and he went after it. At least until a big storm came to Coney Island and he was taken into the water.

Three days later, upon his return everything goes crazy. What he once knew is completely turned upside down and he has to figure out how to fit into it. Including becoming an heir to a kingdom he never knew existed.

I loved Tristan's voice from the very beginning. He was your typical teenage boy and it was fun to watch everything unfold around him. It was really fun to see it all happen in his point of view and his struggle to make it all work. Becoming a mermaid probably wouldn't be all that scary for a girl, but for a guy... it's a lot more difficult.

The storyline was intriguing and left me wanting more. Everything from the new world Tristan discovers to the journey he has to take and even the characters that we got to meet. I felt like I only got a taste and I really wanted to find out just what else was in store for them. Zoraida has built such a fun world and interesting characters.

Even though I will admit that one of my favorite things in a story is the romance, I really enjoyed that it wasn't the central focus of this particular story. Sure there were the typical struggles and moments that young love goes through, but Zoraida didn't make it the main point of her story. We got a little bit of everything, which just made me long for a little bit more.

Zoraida gave us an absolutely amazing debut and I can't wait to read more from, whether it's from the world of mermaids she's created or something else! Oh and be sure to check back here next week for a guest post from the wonderful Zoraida about the world of The Vicious Deep.