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Open Minds - Susan Kaye Quinn Open Minds is a new young adult paranormal series from recent author Susan Kaye Quinn, and one that I didn't expect. She's created a unique world that will draw readers in.

Kira Moore lives in a world where everyone can read minds, and those that can't are considered zeroes. Unfortunately for Kira, she's a zero and it's something she's come to live with. At least until she nearly kills Raph, the only boy that doesn't treat her like a freak.

With her new discovery Kira is thrust into a new and frightening world of mindjacking. There are more than she ever would have imagined, hiding in plain sight, and those that know about them are scared of them. But will Kira be able to set things right, show people that mindjackers are people too?

I was pleasantly surprised by this unique and fresh story. The way that Susan set it up, made it seem like something that could happen in the future. Being a mind readers was the norm and anyone that couldn't was considered the outsider. I loved that twist.

Kira was a fun character to read. She had accepted that she wasn't go to change and was completely thrown when she realized that not only did she have a talent, but an even more unique one than those like her. I couldn't keep it all straight, but Kira was a strong chick and she did what she had to do, regardless of the consequences.

As Kira became more comfortable with her talents, she found herself pulled in different directions, everyone wanting her help for one reason or another. I liked the struggles she had to deal with, and even though she was put in some pretty bad situations she didn't back down on what she believed in.

This was definitely an interesting read and a great beginning for a new series. I can't wait to find out what else is in store for these characters in the next book.