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Starting Over (The Shephard Series book #1)

Starting Over (The Shephard Series book #1) - Savannah Yarbrough I got to read a very early copy of this particular story before it was ready for ARCs and publication, so I was beyond excited to be asked to read and review this for her.

One of the main things I can say about Savannah's writing is that she knows how to bring in the emotions and really stomp on your heart. I think it's difficult to get into any story, but especially a romance, if you don't feel for the characters. That isn't a problem here and I love how delicately and sweetly Savannah handled it.

We also got to see the story from both Brianna's perspective and Jeremiah's, which I think can add just a little something extra to the overall feel. They both struggle with loss and the difficult circumstances ahead of them throughout, but find a way to move forward with the hope of something more.

I truly enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading what else Savannah has in store for her other characters in this series. I know that it will be wonderful, if not a little heartbreaking along the way.